Cassie left law school to attend to the last of her family the twins Kyle and Traci and at this very moment seated in the court of famed District Court Judge Jennifer Togliatti now sitting in on family court overload and also a graduate of Bishop Gorman High School. Since the disappearance of her mother she was engaged in a legal battle royal with her long lost Aunt Harcy Smears who was seeking guardianship of the children and control of the estate. Her case was called and Cassie was very nervous as she approached the defendant’s table. Her Aunt Harcy had retained three lawyers and they were glaring at her, their nasal constrictions almost animalistic in appearance. Just as she was about to make her opening statement after a ten minute vilification regarding her character and maturity by the opposing counsel she cleared her throat to speak and felt a hand on her shoulder as a voice whispered in her ear, “it will all be just fine.” She looked to her right and famed local celebrity attorney Walker Pratt introduced himself to the judge as her retained counsel. She sat down and released an audible sigh of relief. Walker a former Texas Ranger carried the day and mopped the floor with Harcy Smears and her Hyena legal team.

Cassie never heard from Aunt Harcy from that day on as their Christmas cards were returned in the mail. Cassie administered the estate according to her Father’s wishes including burying her Mother Tuesday next to Chad and her daddy in Santa Fe.

Back in El Paso the big night arrived and as the last radiance of sunlight was lost over the horizon the door bell rang and rang and rang so many times that Josie the chamber maid eventually left the door open, the porch light dwarfed by the synergy of energy dancing within.

They played the piano imitated Frankenstein, the mummy and the vampire and sang the Monster Mash. They talked and hugged and for this moment packed the rafters visitors in spirit from El Paso, Ciudad Juarez, the interior of Mexico, Black Oak Arkansas, and their old home town of Manhattan, New York. They partied like it was 999.

Not one soul left early and at the stroke of one in the morning a great light descended on them and swirled about with the power of a level five Hurricane and Tornado combined. The centrifugal force was so great they all levitated upward and into the night sky. Then a moment later it was gone and everyone too, even Josie the recovering prostitute and chamber maid.

He was alone once again seated in his recliner his light more brilliant than ever but missing his soul mates he had reconciled to Almighty God on this sacred night.

He started to cry torn as to why he was left behind and then as clear as bell there was a knock on the door. He peered through the jam but saw nothing then looked down and it was Chad clutching a teddy bear with the ear chewed off probably by Parker. He welcomed and hugged his young son. They returned to his recliner where they talked about their lives, family and mommy and how they had such great Halloween’s in their previous life.

He told Chad if you had just been a few minutes earlier you would have gone to heaven. Chad replied: “Daddy I am so glad to be here with you” we will go to heaven together. They were interrupted once again this time by the door bell. He answered the door to find his wife Tuesday. They all three hugged like the family they once were now living in the light and as spirits awaiting their fate and final judgment.

Suddenly an intense wind rattled the very foundation of the house and a great spirit appeared and stood before them. They fell face down on the ground in terror. The spirit caller proclaimed: “The child is innocent and will leave with me now”. Chad protested but he and Tuesday in unison replied: “Please Chad you must go as your Father in heaven is waiting to meet you”. Chad reached out and touched the staff of the spirit who then turned to Tuesday and said: “for your disbelief you may join your son in heaven in two thousand years” and to he the spirit said: “and next year for you”. He replied: “I will await if possible oh great spirit to remain with my wife while she serves her time here in purgatory.” The spirit replied: “very well since even in death you will not abandon your wife then her stay here is commuted by one thousand years and you will serve the other thousand for her; but recover more souls each year on this night and for the rest of your time push the devil out of Juarez and farther south weaken his kingdom and the mercy of Almighty God through his Son Jesus Christ your witness for life will surely be upon you” and after this they disappeared into the night sky a brilliant silver tapestry of light in their wake.

They sat on the roof that night watching the twinkling lights of sister cities in two nations separated by a river and embracing as only spirits can; playing remember when from bygone years and previous Halloweens, elated as only parents could be of Cassie. Then he extended his hand and they appeared together in a dream to Cassie and returned the bear from the grave of Chad placing it in his rocking chair.

When Cassie awoke the next day she fell in prayer facing the cross mounted above the front door and halfway up the twenty foot ceiling. This crucifix removed from the casket of her daddy. Just then a single palm mounted behind the iron frame floated to the ground the third affirmation that her family was alive and well. She lived in joy and purity from that day forward.

Her parents were so proud of her and the twins for preserving through so much darkness in such a short time they now returning to the roof top of their new dwelling in El Paso as the first glint of a new dawn broached the eastern sky. They listened intently as the invisible spirit children played and whispered in the darkness then ruminated a little longer until they heard a distant train whistle signaling an advancing freighter from Mexico. Tuesday blew a kiss to the lone Jack O Lantern still lit across the street and it went dark as the breeze emulating from her cool lips overwhelmed the liquefied wax fueled wick. Somewhere across the border a dog barked then their piano came to life and played the first three chords of amazing grace the last note lingering in the receding night air. They laughed and wished each other a Happy Halloween and retired to the master suite for a brief reprieve, from their newly acquired supernatural responsibilities, and a long overdue rest prior to the exhaustive preparation in faith to welcome the next spirit caller.

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